REO Global Investments, LLC., is a privately owned FUND, working with large trade platforms and with its own assets in play.
We are not a Hedge Fund.
No Fees upfront.

Our locations

Orange County, CA, USA

Miami, FL, USA

Huntington Beach, CA, USA

Los Angeles, CA, USA

Zurich, Swiss, Europe

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Located in beautiful Southern California, Newport Beach, CA, USA. Our Neighbor Huntington Beach, (Surf City USA), is lots of fun as well. We Work, We play and We have fun. Average Temperature 70 F, sunshine days 364, (hmmm 1 short.) Every Potential New Client Receives a 1 night complimentary stay at the water front HYATT HOTEL, located on PCH, Pacific Coast Highway. HIGHWAY 1.

Our office is located in Newport Beach with the HQ located in Basseterre, St Kitts, W.I.
Corporate structure is a LLC located in Wyoming. We fall under the Wyoming tax rules. All Consulting contracts are issued by Jetta Financial, LLC. Paymaster is within Wells Fargo Private Banking.



We offer BULLETS/PPP programs with client's funds - BUT - No MT 760


No MT 760



Money stays in clients account(s)

No transfers  what-so-ever

TOP banks only (USA, ASIA & EUROPE)

No exotic banks, sorry

For Compliance Reasons, We require a tear sheet on a weekly bases, signed by 2 bank officers. Onetime. Therefater tearsheet, weekly every Friday, end of business. Standard individual or corporate KYC with RWA and POF (Tear Sheet).

Individuals and CORPORATION(s) must be in good standing and pass DD and compliance.

BULLETS range from 2x to 10x, time of engagement determined.

After PPP CLIENT can turn into a evergreen Trade ranging from 10% a month up to 100% a month.

We do not promise, nor can we guarantee until client signs contract. We do not quote nor send written proposals for security reason. All initial engagements are on a verbal base and by invitation only.

Our fees to be discussed confidential

Bullets range from
2x to 10x, upto 20x, determined at time of engagement

After Bulletts, CLIENT can enter into a evergreen Trade, ranging from 10% a month up to 100% a month or more

We do not promise,
nor can we guarantee until signing contract,
DD applies


  1. Complete Application is required in form of KYC, RWA and tear sheet (current), ("blue ink").
    If incomplete, we will not process. 
  2. (DD period starts) app 48 hours to complete.
  3. Upon successful DD, we will narrow down the options.
  4. We will discuss and offer the preliminary offers we have.
  5. There are no guarantees, things change on a daily bases.
  6. But once all is agreed on, Contract will be issue by the platform to the client.
  7. REOGI will issue Fee Agreement, must be signed and notarized before talks to the platform start. Regarding fees paid by the platform, 2.5% available for investor's IMs, and or Mandate. JETTA will maintain all paperwork, from bullett to Evergreen Trade. JETTA will also keep compliance upto date. JETTA will issue an engagement letter to investor prior talks to platform start.

    JETTA needs a limited POA from investor in order to obtain weekly tearsheet.




US +1 714 608 6018
US +1 714 625 2821
skype: ralf.heiss 

Email us to receive current Bullet Programs, confidential

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